Your life is PERFECTLY designed for the results you’re currently getting

Your life is PERFECTLY designed for the results you’re currently getting.

Your life is PERFECTLY designed for the results you’re currently getting.

Your strategy and commitment are PERFECTLY in alignment with what’s happening in your body, your mind, your relationships and your bank account.

Your actions are PERFECT for looking how you look, feeling what you feel and having what you have.

There’s nothing wrong with your strategy, it’s PERFECT and it is 100 proof positive that when thoughts, words and actions are in alignment you do indeed create your reality.

If it doesn’t FEEL perfect then it’s because your design, your strategy, your commitment and your actions simply aren’t in alignment with the outcome you most desire.

Obvious, I know, but so is the solution…

…line them up! 🙂

It doesn’t have to be some BIG demonstration of commitment.

In fact, I invite you to THINK big but to ACT small.

Start easy.

Change just one thing and see if it makes the difference you want. Then change another, another yet and another still until you’re seeing the results you want to see in your life.

But please, stop blaming yourself, other people, circumstances, the government and all those other things that you THINK are keeping you stuck.

And instead, view your challenge for what it REALLY is.

Not some moralistic good vs bad, right vs wrong, success vs failure equation that robs you of your influence over your life but instead, a simple question of strategy, system and skill and whether they are each developed enough to get you where you want to go or whether they need some more work.

See your attempts as simple scientific experiments where rather than being hurt by the outcomes, you simply measure the data and tweak your next course of action accordingly.

Because the data is perfect. It doesn’t lie.

And your life is ALWAYS PERFECTLY designed for the results you’re getting.

Just as it’s ALWAYS inviting you to change the design.

You’re invited.

But will you accept?

Whether you do or don’t, that’s perfect too.

Truth, joy and love

Dax Moy

P. S – after Everest base camp I had HAPE (high altitude pulmonary edema) where I was coughing blood experiencing chest and heart pain and in a REALLY bad way.

I can’t blame the Mountain, the altitude, the Sherpa, the tour company or even myself. My results (nearly killing myself) were PERFECT based upon the strategy I followed (continuing on after obvious signs and symptoms).

I’ve already created a new strategy for next time I go so that my new experience is a different one and one that I’ll enjoy even more.

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