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Coaching With Me Isn't A Commitment To ME

It's A Commitment To Yourself!

Your Commitment


Coaching with me isn’t a commitment to ME, it’s a commitment to YOU…

…a BIG one!

EVERY coaching session will change your life in some way, sometimes bigger, sometimes smaller but ALWAYS obvious, tangible and directly relevant to a struggle you are seeking to overcome or dream you are seeking to bring to life.

By becoming my client you’re committing to doing the work toward making your dreams come true.

I won’t work toward anything less than that and wouldn’t expect you to WANT to work with anyone who wants anyone less than that FOR you.


Your Investment

There are only 3 ways of coaching with me right now.

1 Year

7-21 Day Intensive Retreats

2 Day Intensives

Regardless of how we work together, the core ‘ingredients’ of my coaching approach will be present, you WILL gain clarity and perspective, you WILL gain direction and focus and you WILL have a full, thorough and complete strategy for ending your struggle and achieving your dreams.


1 Year Of Coaching

Life can be complicated and the challenges you face in one area can often have knock-on effects across your whole life, impacting on your self esteem, your relationship, your health, your finances and more.

If your struggles are showing up throughout multiple areas your life and you want help in overcoming them all then that’s going to take time and effort on your part to complete the journey from struggle to solution and from drama to dream.

That’s why most of my clients allocate a year at a time to re-engineering their lives through their coaching with me.

There are no maximum or minimum hours or limits around what that year entails.

This is not a ‘by-the-hour’ type of coaching service.

I am here to deliver what you most need in order to help you get what you most want.

That is MY commitment to you.

YOUR commitment to you is to do the work that we co-create as part of your strategy during our year together, to be honest with me about what’s frightening you, causing you stress or overwhelming you and helping me to help you rather than becoming an obstacle to your own success.

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7-21 Day Intensive Coaching Retreat

If you have a ‘project’ in mind or you simply feel that you want to create change faster and more intensively than the pace we’ll be moving at during the year-long program (and if you qualify for this type of coaching – it’s not suited to everyone) then you may find the intensive residential coaching retreat to be the best option for you.

We’ll leave your ‘real life’ behind and go into isolation (literally no phones or internet for the duration of the retreat) somewhere beautiful and peaceful where we can create the clarity, focus, direction, strategy and support systems needed to help you to overcome your struggles and align with the greater and grander vision of your dream life.

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2 Day ‘Deep Dive’ Coaching Intensive

A large part of the ‘magic’ of coaching is in gaining the clarity, the focus and the direction that often seems so difficult to acquire alone.

For many people who want the ‘quick start’ to get a project moving again or who need to develop a ‘30,000ft perspective’ around an area they’re struggling with, the 2-day Deep Dive intensive is perfect.

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Regardless Of The Coaching Program…


Regardless of which coaching program you’re interested in finding out more about, the next step is to apply for an exploration session with me to see whether we’re a good fit for coaching together… or not!

Think of it like a 2-way ‘audition’ where I’m looking at you to see whether YOU’RE ready for coaching with me at the kind of level that I’m committed to delivering (if you won’t answer the difficult questions or tell me the truth about what you REALLY want then there’s little point in starting a coaching relationship) and whether I’M able to help you to create the clarity, focus and direction that you feel is going help you to accomplish what you’re hoping for from coaching with me.

Only if we BOTH feel good about what happens during the exploration session will we talk about moving forward with coaching together.

If that sounds good to you then fill in the application form and we can get started