You don’t have to be MORE than you are right now

You don’t have to be MORE than you are right now

You don’t have to be MORE than you are right now to live life in a way that would astound and delight you.

You don’t need more qualifications, more money, more education, more beauty or more ANYTHING in order to experience yourself and your life as magnificent.

I know it seems it at times and I know you’d LIKE more of each because, let’s face it, we all do.

But you don’t NEED any more of any of it.

You don’t need it because your awesomeness and magnificence doesn’t come from any of that ‘out there’ stuff but rather, it’s an ‘in here’ (points to head and heart) experience that you’ve forgotten to influence.

You don’t need to be any MORE than you are, you just need to remember to be ALL that you are.

That means ALL of you; holding nothing back, dropping the mask and playing ALL the parts in the screenplay of your life rather than the handful you’ve diligently practiced and feel comfortable letting the world see.

That means ALL of you; the deep AND the shallow, the smart AND the silly, the profound AND the profane, the happy AND the sad, the tears AND the laughter, the ups AND the downs AND the in betweens.

Show up TO yourself AS yourself. All of yourself.

And you’ll come to learn just how truly amazing you are.

And you’ll come to realise the truth of what’s been staring you in the face all along…

…that searching to ‘make more of ourselves’ is what hurts us most in this life because it’s a continual judgement that we’re not enough.

And that we NEVER have to be more than we are in order to live free, happy and successful lives.

We just have to be ALL that we are.

Truth, joy and love


P.S – you’re already more than enough. You always have been. So stop showing yourself a tiny part of who you are, reveal the whole thing xxx

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