Failure doesn’t exist in the way we tend to think about it… and about ourselves.

Because not getting what you wanted, how you wanted, when you wanted is simply an invitation to change your strategy and adopt a more skilful one.

The truth is, you’re ALWAYS getting ‘A’ result which means that you’re ALWAYS successful. In other words, your current strategy is PERFECT for making yourself sick, overwhelmed, burned out, struggling in your relationship.

You did X and got Y.

Keyword YOU.

That means that YOU (we) are directly influencing our environments, our relationships and our lives through our thoughts, words and actions.

We ARE creating.

Which means we ARE being successful.

But our success may not be the one we want because our strategy isn’t skilful.

What most people call ‘failure’ is simply an invitation to assess and address strategy so that we develop skill.

This is not about ‘positive thinking’ or ‘glass half full’ stuff.

I don’t believe in positive thinking in the way most people think of it. I simply approach my results from a skilful/not skilful perspective, apply my new theory and then reassess and readdress the strategy to see if the theory was correct or not.

No-one fails at anything ever (or so I believe).

But plenty of us (myself included) are using strategies that are less skilful than they need to be in order to get the results that we feel are important to us.

The invitation then, is to look at our strategies as skilful vs not skilful and make those changes that we feel move us closer to our desired outcome.

Failure not necessary.

And not helpful either.

Especially when we use it to describe ourselves.

Just a thoughtxxx

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