Willpower Is Overrated

Willpower Is Overrated

Willpower is over-rated, largely unnecessary and often HARMFUL and Hampering to the very goals and experiences you are hoping it will bring.

In simplest terms, willpower can be described as "making myself do shit I really don't WANT to do" (yes, it's a very deep and scientific term 🙂 ) and, of course, the brain is ALWAYS on and ALWAYS listening and says "Well hey, I best not make THAT a habit!" and so it never does.

In fact, the opposite is true and the brain starts looking for every way it can and sending you every signal, impulse or craving it can to STOP you 'doing the shit you don't want to do'.

Here's a better plan.

A MUCH better plan.

STOP using willpower for ANYTHING you want to become a permanent habit and START using something MUCH more powerful, MUCH longer lasting and MUCH more in keeping with what the brain WANTS and NEEDS in order to create lasting transformation.

Start using DISCIPLINE.

The difference?

Discipline is about doing things you WANT to do and WANT to experience positively yet have not yet habitualised.

Discipline is about finding those things that 'turn you on' and helping the brain (and more specifically, the basal ganglia) to 'embed' the new action as something that starts happening on autopilot because it's coming from a place of CHOICE rather than 'Have to'.

Don't get me wrong, there IS a place for willpower but rarely (if ever) is it useful in forming habits.

After all, if every day of your diet plan (or anything you're using to create your transformation) you're running an internal dialogue of "Just 10 days to go, just 9 days to go, just 8 days to go..." then you're setting yourself up to fail AND to have wasted all the willpower-driven efforts too.

"I can't wait til this is over" is NEVER a good sign as far as lasting transformation is concerned.

I invite you to ditch the willpower and try discipline for a month instead; find ways to do what you would LOVE to do and see the impact of THAT over the course of the next 30 days and you'll not only see better results but you'll KEEP them too.

Ditch the willpower... and win!





P.S - You'll NEVER create the body, the business, the relationships, the... ANYTHING... you love, doing the things you loathe.

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