What We Make Makes Us

What We Make Makes Us

What we make makes us.

Which is to say, of course, that what we get paid is a direct result of what we create.

Make complaints, make drama and make life harder for others and your ‘pay’ tends to be a life of complaint, drama and hardship… even if ‘on paper’ you have more than enough to feel abundant and happy.

On the other hand, make that which uplifts the hearts of others, lightens their dark and helps them carry their burdens in life just a bit easier and you too ‘get paid’ with a lighter heart, a brighter path and the strength to carry the load you’ve been carrying for just that little bit longer and that little bit easier too.

I guess Buddhists would call that ‘Karma’ while Christians would say it’s as written in the scripture ‘do unto others…’ and those that don’t believe in religion might just say ‘what goes around, comes around’.

But regardless of who or where you draw your inspiration, it holds true nonetheless; ‘what we make, makes us’.

Therefore, perhaps THE most important question we can ask of ourselves as we go about the business of our lives is…

…”What am I making right now?”

Worth thinking about, no?

Truth, joy and love


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