What ELSE?

What ELSE?


It’s so easy to get caught up in chasing number isn’t it?

Numbers on a scale, a number on a tape measure or the number on a clothing label, numbers in a bank account, numbers on your email lists and client registers, well, ALL KINDS of numbers.

And, you know, I both hear and understand that these things are important to you right now, but WHAT ELSE do you want?

What ELSE to you want to give over the days of your life to?

What ELSE is going to fan the flames of passion and purpose in your heart and ensure that your life is full of the miracle and wonder it COULD be rather than the misery and woe it is?

What ELSE do you want to BE in this life?

Do you want to be an author, a humanitarian aid worker, an entrepreneur, an inventor? What ELSE?

What ELSE do you want to DO in this life?

Do you want to go trekking in the Himalayas, run a marathon, climb a mountain, stand at the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, ride a Gondola in Venice or play blackjack in Vegas? What ELSE?

What ELSE do you want to HAVE in this life?

Do you want cars, homes, holiday homes, art, a swimming pool, clothes, jewellery, a private yacht or an aircraft of some kind? What ELSE?

See, I KNOW that right now many of these thing may FEEL like they’re so far out of your ability to get them that they seem impossible but the point is, you never know until you try and, of course, you never REALLY know until you REALLY try.

But, you know, in trying, in REALLY trying to create a life built around your dreams, you weave a very rich tapestry of your life, one with stories and adventures and full of examples of a truly awesome human being who spent the days of their life stretching, growing and evolving into becoming all that they could be.

This is VASTLY different to someone who spent the days of their life counting calories, weighing and measuring foods, battling the scales or the tape or the clothing size or simply trying to ‘earn more money’ don’t you think?

Look, I KNOW that when you struggle with your body image it’s no barrel of laughs so I’m not saying it doesn’t matter because I know it does to YOU.

But what ELSE, my friend?

What ELSE matters?

What ELSE are you going to focus your life on that at least has a chance of making your life feel amazing, making you feel happy and giving you both peace and adventure in equal measure?

What ELSE?

Answer THAT question and change your perspective.

Act upon your answers and change your life.

What ELSE?

Truth, joy and love


P.S – I’d LOVE to hear any of your answers to What ELSE if you’re ready to share them or simply hear your response or reaction to this post.


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