[Those Who Are Lost, Stuck And Unhappy… Do These Three Things Today

[For Those Who Are Lost, Stuck And Unhappy… Do These Three Things Today]

No-one can teach you who you are, what you’re here to do or how you’re supposed to do it.

No-one can tell you whether you’re on track or off-course, if you’re doing it right or wrong or if you’re ahead or behind schedule.

And no-one can get you unstuck either.

Not because you’re a hopeless case or anything even remotely like that, but because you’re not stuck and you never can be.

Come to think of it, you can never be behind schedule, in the wrong place or or even truly lost either.

You’re simply Who You Are.

You’re simply Where You Are.

You’re simply When You Are.

And if you simply ‘met yourself’ there you’d come to see that not only aren’t you stuck but that you’re not lost or even a little bit behind schedule and that, in truth, you’re exactly who you’re meant to be, where you’re meant to be, when you’re meant to be.

If it doesn’t feel that way, if it SEEMS like life keeps trying to persuade you that you’re stuck, lost or behind it’s because you’re looking elsewhere, elsewhen and elsewho and telling yourself stories about what it’s ‘supposed to be like’ somewhere else instead of accepting that this IS what it’s like here and now.

And because you do that, the map doesn’t match the terrain and, of COURSE you feel lost!

Why not try something new?

Why not open your eyes, look around and ACCEPT where you are right now so that you can put a pin in the map of your life and get an accurate bearing on where you REALLY are?

That deals with the whole ‘lost’ thing right there.

Now for the stuck thing.

Choose where you want to go next. It can be anywhere you want but PLEASE consider making it somewhere inspiring, exciting, joyful, peaceful or, better yet, all of the above and then…

…take ONE step.

Doesn’t matter if it’s researching it on the internet, calling for a brochure, filling in an application form or simply having a chat about it with someone you trust.

Take the step, however small and, by definition, you’re no longer stuck.

And now for that ‘behind schedule’ thing.

Throw away your watch.

Life’s journey isn’t about the number of miles we can put under our feet the fastest, but rather, it’s about the number of memories we can cherish for the longest.

And speed works against that.

See, the faster you run, the more you miss, the more you miss the more aware of how much you’re missing out on and the more you feel you’re missing out the more you feel you’re behind…

…and the more you’re behind, the faster you believe you need to run.

Until you get exhausted, burned out, run out of breath and are forced to stop.

That’s when you look around you, realise that you’re lost and ask yourself “how the hell did I get here??”

See how it all comes together?

Isn’t it amazing how beautifully elegant and simple this whole journey-of-life thing is when you REALLY look at it?

First, tell the truth about where you are so that you can get the right coordinates on the map (rather than speaking about where you ‘should’ be).

Second, choose a destination you’d like to visit so that you can experience something awesome about life and your part in it (rather than continuing to choose an experience that no longer serves you).

And third, choose a route that allows you to move at a pace that allows you to savour and enjoy the experiences you have and create amazing memories that you can recall at will (rather than missing all the scenery along the way and then stressing out because you’re behind schedule in trying to get to the next checkpoint).

Seems too simple doesn’t it?

But truly, it doesn’t have to be more complicated than this.

We just make it that way by not telling ourselves the truth about where we are, forcing ourselves to take journeys that don’t inspire us and placing timeline expectations on us that cause us to experience misery where we ought to be experiencing miracles, magic and meaning.

What if we stopped that stuff which ALWAYS leads to the misery and committed to doing only that which leads to the magic?

What if?

What IF?

Truth, joy and love


P.S – What if you DON’T? What does life look like for you then?

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