There Are NO Reasons To Fail…

There Are NO Reasons To Fail…

There are no REAL reasons to fail, to struggle, to suffer, to experience life in any way less than we want to experience it.

None at all.

You can look for them all you want and, if you’re especially clever and creative, you can invent what LOOKS like reasons out of thin air, yet there really aren’t reasons for experiencing life as a struggle.

There are MOMENTS that make struggling and suffering possible and so those of us committed to making our lives a joy and a celebration are invited to be observant and ever-vigilant for those moments so that we don’t fall into the trap of believing that we’re seeing ‘evidence’ of why our suffering is justified.

It would seem at times that there are limitless, almost infinite REASONS that life isn’t the way we demand or desire or deserve and it’s this that adds to our confusion and fear, for if the causes of our suffering and pain are limitless then how are we to counter them?

Yet the counter to this fear lies in the simple truth that whilst reasons to suffer may seem to be myriad, the MOMENTS where suffering are born are so few as to be considered rare.

They are:

The moment we tell ourselves that we can’t have what we want.

The moment we tell ourselves that what we want requires more effort than we’re willing to give.

The moment we tell ourselves that what we want will take longer than we’re willing to wait.

These moments become nexus points where choices are restricted, freedoms are removed, faith is beaten into submission and hope is lost while at the same time reasons are collected, evidence is selected, judgements are made and beliefs are forged about the pointlessness and hopelessness of continuing to dream the dreams and create the creations that once moved and inspired us so deeply.

So don’t waste this precious life looking for and meticulously examining the reasons for each and every thing you do or don’t do for that is a perfect recipe for accumulating stories that only serve to feed your fears.

But never cease to be vigilant for the moments, those powerful, life altering and suffering-inducing moments when faith, hope and possibility are being voted out of your life and meet them with a single truth that serves you rather a collection of reasons that don’t.

That single truth?

“I don’t know what’s possible or impossible for me, but I STILL choose this anyway”

Make THAT your moment.


And again.

And again.

And the truth will set you free.

Truth, joy and love

Dax Moy

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