The solution to stress, overwhelm and burnout…

The solution to stress, overwhelm and burnout..

…is NEVER to do more.

When you’re stressed, tired, overwhelmed and just pissed off at all the things life is sending your way, resist the urge to do more or have more.

The stress of spinning too many plates is never alleviated by finding even more to spin.

Slow down.


Put down the plates you can and the ones that drop… enjoy the sound they make as they break.

THAT is life, my friends.

THAT is life.

There WILL be broken plates from time to time.

You can either be the neurotic nut that chases plates forever or be the one that chills out, watches them drop, cleans up the mess and says “C’est la vie!”

Only one of these people are happy.

Which will you be?

Truth, joy and love


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