The Simplest Marketing Success Strategy EVER!

The Simplest Marketing Success Strategy EVER!

Think big yet act small.

Forget giant lists, thousands of facebook followers, hundreds of wufoo forms and all that other 'plural stuff'.

Start with singular.

Start with one.

Make ONE call.

Post ONE blog post.

Reach out to ONE former client.

Send ONE email to ONE prior lead who didn't come onboard.

Shoot ONE youtube video.

Do ONE strategy call.

Give ONE talk... to ONE person if necessary!

Have ONE meeting.

Take ONE local business owner to lunch.

You get the picture.

It doesn't matter what YOUR 'one thing is', just find it and do it.

See, for most people seeking to build their business, plural is the problem.

Plural kills momentum. Plural kills belief. Plural kills hope. Plural kills focus. Plural kills results.

Because plural always feels either like what you're being asked to do is too much or, when you compare it to others' efforts like it's never enough.

But singular, that's where the REAL power for change and transformation comes from.

Because with few exceptions, pretty much ALL of us believe we can do ONE thing.

So DO one thing!

Think big yet act small, my friends.

Do ONE thing. Then do ONE thing then do ONE thing then do...

You get it.

Think small.

And pretty soon you'll be shocked and stunned by how big your results have become.

Truth, joy and love


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