The secrets are on the surface.

The secrets are on the surface

They’re ‘hidden’ in plain sight, which is to say, of course, that they’re not really hidden at all.

What you seek only seems to be eluding you BECAUSE you seek it.

If you simply OBSERVE what is happening in the present moment, the solutions to your problems become obviously apparent.

If you are hungry… EAT!
If you are tired… SLEEP!
If you are unwell… REST!
If you are unhappy… stop doing what makes you sad…


Seems too easy, I know, and maybe that’s why we go searching for ‘secrets’ instead of accepting the visible evidence around us… but where does THAT lead us?

Those who are already hungry believe the only way to slim down is to restrict themselves MORE.

Those who are already tired find even MORE reasons to stay awake.

Those who are already sick and unwell ignore their bodies and do MORE of what made them sick and unwell in the first place.

Those who are already unhappy find ways to encounter MORE situations that will make them unhappy.

The solutions are obvious, right?

Yet we don’t see them or, when we do, we pretend to ourselves that they couldn’t possibly work.

So we look for secrets instead.

And so the REAL solutions remain hidden in plain sight, on the surface, never to be seen.


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