The Path

[The Path]

Today I was reminded to share this old yet powerful mad rambling from my weird and wonderful mind.

Enjoy! : )


Walk their path, follow their trail,
safe in the knowledge that you
will not fail.

Read all of their books,
use all of their maps
so you avoid the mistakes,
bypass all of the traps.

Because life’s far too short
to risk any failure,
to step in harm’s way,
to succumb to danger.

So stick to the paths
where the streetlights are bright
and avoid any roads
that lead into the night

You’re sure to stay safe,
to avoid all the risk but…
…you’ll miss a lot too,
oh there’s SO much you’ll miss!

Because just off the trail,
in the midst of the woods
are the things that make life
an adventure that’s good.

The sights and the sounds
and the tastes, smells and touches
The highs and the lows and the
near-death brushes

The successes the failures,
the peaks and the troughs,
the deepest of valleys, the
high mountain tops

The friends and the enemies
you’ll meet on the way,
some help you some hurt you,
some stand in your way

It won’t always be easy,
not always plain sailing,
to walk your own path
means falling and failing

Yet lying down there with
your face in the dirt,
alone with yourself
(except the pain and
the hurt)

You’ll find for yourself
the real person you are,
the audacious, tenacious,
hero, legend and star

You’ll know for a fact
that you’re one of the few
who strayed from the path
without a clue what to do

That you cut your own path,
that you went your own way
and saw life in full colour
instead of dull, boring grey

And at the end of your days
when your life’s weighed and measured,
on the scales you’ll place memories,
the richest of treasures

And you’ll know without doubt,
yes you’ll know for a fact,
that the treasure you measure
didn’t lie on the track

You dared to be different
the rest taunted an laughed,
But you lived in the forests
they knew only the path.
For those who’re willing to get lost in the woods.

Dare something worthy of who you REALLY are!

Truth, joy and love

Dax Moy

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