The OTHER Fisherman Parable…

The OTHER Fisherman Parable...

A man was stood on the banks of a small stream, fishing rod in hand and staring expectantly at the water.

Given that it was a beautiful, sunny day with clear blue skies and that the stream ran through verdant, lush, peaceful countryside, you'd think that the man would be thoroughly enjoying his experience.

But he wasn't.

He was frustrated.

He was annoyed.

He was disappointed.

In fact, he was LIVID bordering on rage!

As he paced up and down the river bank his agitation grew so evident and so distracting that one of the other men fishing the same stream got up, walked over and went to see what the problem was.

"Hey buddy, you ok? You're looking kinda upset there" he said.

"Upset?? UPSET??" his voice rising in inflection and volume "I'm MORE than upset!! I'M PISSED OFF!!" he practically screamed as flecks of spittle sprayed the poor unfortunate fellow who had unwittingly made himself the object of the mans anger.

"Well calm down fella, let me help you" said the newcomer "What are you pissed off about? Maybe I can help in some way"

The angry man took a deep breath and started to calm down. Hanging his head, staring at the ground and speaking in a wearisome and somewhat dejected tone he said "You know, I've been coming here for years. I mean, 6,7 years and in all that time I've never ONCE gone home from a fishing trip happy"

"Why not?" asked the newcomer, puzzled.

"Because I've NEVER gone home with what I came for. I NEVER get the fish I'm after. I'm ALWAYS disappointed" he said, voice lowering to a mumble as he finished.

"Wow! That IS disappointing!" said the newcomer. You mean, in 7 years you've never once caught a fish??" he asked, barely believing it possible that someone could be so unlucky.

"No, I never said that" said the man "I said I never got the fish I was after. I've caught PLENTY of fish but never the one I wanted"

The newcomer paused a second, caught by a thought but barely believing it possible and so asked "Hey mister, what fish did you WANT to catch?"

"Tuna! I want Tuna!" said the man, his agitation bubbling to the surface once more. "In 7 years I've never ONCE seen, let alone CAUGHT a Tuna. That's why I'm so damned pissed off!"

The newcomer smiled and laughed a kindly laugh and said "Ah, I understand now. Hey mister, you DO know that you'll NEVER catch a Tuna here in this stream or in any of the rivers around these parts don't you?"

"Why the hell not??" asked the man in an exasperated tone.

The newcomer answered good-naturedly and began "Well... Because this is a stream and Tuna are deep-sea saltwater fish. Because the bait you're using is not what attracts Tuna and because the rod and line you're using would barely hold a 30lb trout let alone a 550lb Tuna"

The man blew out his breath, scratched his head, packed his fishing gear up and without a word, started walking back toward his truck.

The newcomer was chuckling as he called out "Hey mister... where are you going?"

The man finally came out of his daze, looked back to the newcomer and called out "What I should have done 7 years ago... I'm going where the fish are. Thank you!" and with that, he jumped in his truck leaving the newcomer standing on the riverbank enjoying the peace of nature and a beautiful day once more.


A simple parable.

But powerful too.

Can you see the parallels in your own life and where you’ve been fishing in the wrong place yet becoming increasingly frustrated, disappointed, sad and even angry at the results that life seems to be sending you?

Can you see how simple the answer is too?

Go where the fish are!

And when you go there, take what attracts them.

And when you attract them have the 'equipment' such as the services, the structures and the systems that will help you 'land' them.

Stop complaining that you want 'high end’ clients, amazing staff, or the partner of your dreams (Tuna) when you keep 'fishing' where they HAVE never and WILL never swim.

Stop making things so damned complicated and so damned ineffective.

Go where the fish are… and TRANSFORM your life!


Truth, joy and love


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