The Most Reckless Thing

The most reckless thing you can do with a human heart is to NOT be reckless with it.

To keep it safe.

To keep it confined.

To keep it out of the way where no one can bump it, bruise it or break it.

Because that’s what a heart is for; to experience life deeply and to remind us just how precious, irreplaceable and incredibly fleeting it really is.

A safe and confined heart that’s never taken out of the box never truly experiences what it’s like to be alive and so is condemned to live a long, drawn-out and shallow life.

And that’s no life at all.

So be reckless with your heart.

Bump it around, bruise it up and even allow yourself the opportunity to break it a few times in your life and KNOW what it’s like to be alive rather than observing life from the sidelines.

Be reckless with your heart.

It’s the greatest gift you will ever give to yourself.

Truth, joy and love

Dax Moy

P.S – Don’t be reckless with OTHER people’s hearts, what you do with yours is your own business…

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