The Human Body is an Amazing Thing

The human body is an amazing thing.

18 months ago I fell to my knees in the street clasping my chest and fearing that my heart was about to explode.
Little over a year ago walking uphill at even moderate incline caused me to break a sweat and gasp for breath.
6 weeks ago I was lying in a hospital on a ventilator recovering from potentially fatal High Altitude Pulmonary Edema (HAPE) after my trek to Everest basecamp.

And today…

…marked my 26th training session over the last 10 days where I ran a 6:44 mile (not bad at 240lbs I reckon)
In the last 10 days I’ve done several thousand squats and push-ups, around 1000 pull-ups, lifted TONS of weight in every format, loading and rep range you can imagine and performed circuits and machine based cardio too for an average of 3 training sessions a day.

My point?

Like I said, the human body is an amazing thing.

A TRULY amazing thing!

Thanks to the effects of PTSD and then a few ‘mishaps’ resulting from my many adventures, I’ve come pretty close to feeling like my time was up several times over the last four years or so yet I’m still here and still able to create massive physical improvements in very short spaces of time.

And this is true for all of us.

We’re never ‘too far gone’ or ‘past it’ or beyond some imaginary ‘point of no return’ where the truly remarkable and wondrous miracle that is the human body can’t come back from.

It doesn’t matter where you’ve been or even where you are right now.

What matters is where you want to go and your commitment to taking the first steps to going there…

…and then the second… and then the third 🙂

The human body is a truly amazing thing.

Isn’t it time you let yours amaze YOU?

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