The Guru’s Code

The Guru's Code

You can’t shrink your way to greatness
You can’t be seen if you hide in the dark

You can’t move many people while you’re sitting still on your butt
You can’t ignite them without your spark

You can’t teach courage if you let your fears own you
You can’t teach truth if you won’t share your own

You can’t expect others to live YOUR beliefs and values
If your own make you feel sad and alone

Your genius is seeking the daylight
Your passion is seeking to roam

Your purpose is seeking to make a mark on the world
and shine a light to lead those in the dark home

So don’t you dare hide in the dark any longer
Don’t play small to make others feel great

Each day alive is a chance to grow stronger
Use that strength right now, my friends

It's NEVER too late!

Truth, Joy and Love





P.S - Bring the light!

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