**The First Domino**

**The First Domino**

Each of us every day has the choice and the chance
to be the first domino.

To make the first move even though everyone around
us seems content to stand still.

To see things that need fixing and be the one to go to our
toolbox and say “I’ll fix it” instead of saying “They should do
something about that”

To be the one to offer a solution while everyone around
us is intent on complaining about the problem.

To be willing to be wrong and to make mistakes while
everyone else is so concerned about being right and
staying safe.

To push to the front of the pack when everyone else is content to follow.

To speak up when everyone else is content to stay silent.

Yet, on the other hand…

To stay silent when everyone else is intent on being heard.

To offer authenticity when everyone else is posturing
and concerned about looking good.

To show compassion when everyone else is ignoring the
plight of others.

To show understanding to those who refuse to
understand you.

To point out the greatness in others when others are
pointing out their flaws… and yours.

To be the pebble that starts the pond rippling
even though the pond is so much bigger and so
much more powerful than you’ll ever be.

The first domino is VITAL to all progress,
all success and all happiness on this amazing
planet of ours because it’s the only thing that
guarantees change.

And change is ALWAYS good… even when it
doesn’t feel like it.

Without the first domino, things stay the same
and the power, passion and purpose that could
and SHOULD be present in the lives of us all
never comes to being.

SOMEONE needs to be that first domino or
our lives are simply so much darker, heavier
and meaningless than they need to be.

Why not you?

Why can’t YOU be the first domino?

All it takes to set the whole thing moving in
new, interesting and exciting directions is for
YOU to move.

That’s it.

Just topple.



Truth, joy and love

Dax Moy

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