The 4 Ways We Kill Ourselves (And The 4 Questions That Make Life Worth Living)

The 4 Ways We Kill Ourselves (And The 4 Questions That Make Life Worth Living)


If you wanted to DELIBERATELY destroy or kill ANYTHING in this life, the way to do it is simple.

– Keep it in the dark.
– Refuse to nourish it.
– Don’t give it room to grow.
– Refuse to allow it connection with others.


Just follow these steps and even the hardiest pest or opponent will weaken and die.

But, you know, that goes for US too!

If we keep ourselves in darkness by not actively seeking light and love, laughter then we rob ourselves of joy in our present and hope for our future, both of which make life worth living.

If we refuse to nourish ourselves by failing to bring beauty in the form of things which move us, be they books or poems or art or music or… you name it, then we limit ourselves to mere survival and ‘getting by’ rather than thriving and truly living.

If we don’t allow ourselves to grow by seeking new experiences, asking ourselves new questions and experimenting with new choices and new actions then we’re stuck in a kind of repetitive ‘groundhog day’ existence that slowly kills us by robbing us of the belief that there’s more to life than we’re experiencing.

If we don’t connect with others by actively sharing the experiences of our journey through life; the ups, the downs, the highs, the lows and the lessons we’ve learned, then it’s as if we didn’t really exist in the first place and our loneliness slowly smothers us.

There are so many ways to slowly kill ourselves as we go through life, but they all pretty much fit into these 4 categories when you break it down.

But, You Know… It’s EASY To Turn This Around By Simply Doing A 180 On Each Of The Areas That Kill Us

Just ask yourself 4 questions every day to see if life’s journey is headed in the right direction.

1.“Where in my day can I experience lightness, laughter and love?”

Actively SEEK any opportunities you can to CREATE them rather than waiting for the world to dump them on your doorstep. It’s probably ain’t happening anytime soon.

2.“How can I bring what moves me into my day today?”

Again, don’t hope that something will move you. SEEK it. Read the books you love. Watch the movies you love. Listen to music you love. Start a conversation about something you’re passionate about. It’s really not THAT hard to be moved in some way.

3.“Where can I find growth today?”

Stretch yourself. Commit to ending the day with a greater level of knowledge, understanding, skill or ability in at least one area before your head hits the pillow. Imagine if every day for 365 days of the year you went to bed just a little better than you woke up… WOW!

4.“Who can I connect with and share my experiences with today?”

If we don’t share our experiences, it’s like they never happened. Like we never had them. Like they weren’t important.

Fail to share often enough and pretty soon we start to believe that NONE of our experiences are important and, by extension that WE are unimportant too.But start sharing and you make life better not only for you but for others too. And by creating connection you give THEM the courage to do the same.

It’s so common nowadays to live life passively.

To sit back and HOPE that things will be different for us without ever realising that day-by-day we’re slowly killing ourselves, first through our wonder at the world, then our passions then our hopes and dreams and, eventually, our physical bodies.

Yet it’s also pretty easy to have wonder, passion, hopes, dreams and a life of love, light, laughter and true purpose in our lives if we simply ask ourselves the questions that bring them to us daily.

My invitation to you…

…is to test-drive the 4 questions above every day for the next 7 days. Just insert them into your day right at the start and truly seek ways to bring them to life.

Don’t just take my word for it that they work, test it for yourself and see the result.

The way I look at it is that 7 days are going to pass ANYWAY, right?

So why not let them pass whilst seeing the impact of the 4 questions?

You game?


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