Stop Chasing

Stop chasing so hard and maybe what you’re chasing will stop running so hard to evade you.

That’s the relationship between predator and prey isn’t it?

One sees what they want and sets out full tilt toward getting it and the other sees they’re being chase and so they set out full tilt to avoid being caught.

Why should it be any different for business or money or love or inches on a tape or numbers on a scale or… Well… Anything?

Have you not noticed that the harder you chase the more serious things seem to become, the harder it feels you have to work, the more tired and burned out you feel and the less you seem enjoy life?

That’s because fight or flight is serious business, it’s about surviving NOT thriving.

The light, the love and the laughter can only live in a life where fight or flight doesn’t exist.

So stop chasing so hard.

Slow down.

Let the struggles cease by letting life find you cool, calm and collected…

…And ready!

Stop chasing, my friends.

Stop chasing xxx

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