Permission NOT Granted

[Permission NOT Granted]


Who Certifies The Certifying Agencies?

Who Governs The Governing Bodies?

Who Authorises The Authorities?

Don’t you know that at some point in history someone just MADE A DECISION to set a standard based upon what THEY believed in and invited others to align with them?

No magic, just an idea and the inspiration to bring it to life.

Stop waiting for permission from ANYONE.

You have an idea you’re in love with?

Prove it by bringing it to life.

Give YOURSELF permission and KEEP giving it.

Do that and life will change in ways that will astound you.

Better yet, give up the idea of needing permission altogether and simply CREATE what you most want to see in the world.

Don’t make it harder than it needs to be.

Love. Create. Invite.

Fall in LOVE with an idea that moves you.

CREATE what your love inspires you to create.

INVITE others to experience your creations.

Show the world you were here.

Permission NOT granted.

Because permission NOT needed.

Truth, joy and love


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