On Feeling Amazing…

On Feeling Amazing...




When was the last time you looked in the mirror and said that to yourself?

Too long ago probably.

Shame really, because it's so easy to amaze ourselves if we really try.

Just doing what we said we'd do, keeping our promises to ourselves, making the small commitments and seeing them through is pretty amazing when you think about it.

Don't think so?

Then reflect on those people that amaze YOU!

Aren't they the committed ones, the ones that saw things through despite the struggles they faced, the ones that kept their promises to do their very best?

You start to amaze yourself when you treat yourself fairly and give yourself the same credit you give others.

Now, try it again... You. Amaze. Me.

See, told you you could do it : )

Truth, joy and love





P.S - For the rest of today I invite you to recognise the amazing in yourself. Give yourself applause for whatever you would applaud in another and see how much better life feels

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