On Ducks, Stars, Dust and Living A Life You REALLY Love

On Ducks, Stars, Dust and Living A Life You REALLY Love

There is nothing more important in life than experiencing yourself as who you dream of becoming.


The list is as extensive as our imagination of what’s possible for us as we walk this Earth during the days of our lives.

As are the stories of why now is not the right time, here the right place nor these the right circumstances to create these experiences and bring them forth.

We tell ourselves the story that when all our ducks are in a row, when the stars align and when ‘the dust’ settles down that THEN we’ll act on living life the way we always dreamed it could be never truly realising the extend of the lies we’re telling ourselves.

We don’t own any ducks.

The stars move in circles.

And that dust, just like life, is always in motion and never really settles.

The inconvenient truth of life is that the things we’re waiting for to signal us that it’s time to begin creating the miracle and wonder that our lives could be are probably never going to happen.

Even more inconvenient, yet just as truthful, is that with every breath we take and every move we make, the opportunity for experiencing life the way we most often dream and fantasise of it is diminishing as the clock of life (of our life, at least) counts down.

All the more reason to stop waiting and wishing and start BEING who we HOPE and WISH we could be ‘if only the circumstances allowed’.

Not least of all because a more convenient truth exists.

It’s that we can experience ourselves as who we most want to Be (and in truth, Who We Really Are) any time we wish.

Not when we’ve built the business, not once we’ve written that book, not when the kids are grown up and not when we have finally made the million and bought the house on the hill.


Right now.


Right here.

Right here, right now we can experience ourselves as Beautiful. Powerful. Impactful. Compassionate. Respected. Loving. Loved. And much more besides.

All it takes is to see beauty in yourself is to start acknowledging the truly beautiful in the people, places, things and experiences you encounter during your day.

All it takes to experience yourself as powerful is acknowledge the choices and possibilities available to you and to ACT on one.

All it takes to experience yourself as impactful is to see an opportunity where you can help another with an experience they are struggling with or challenged by and to act on that opportunity in some way, no matter how small

All it takes to experience yourself as compassionate is put yourself in the shoes of someone who feels unworthy of love and connection and remind them that they are.

All it takes to experience yourself as respected is to truly see another for who they are such that they are moved and compelled to really see you.

All it takes to experience love is to give it. Openly, freely, generously and without reservation and with the heartfelt intent to accept, connect and truly care for those around you.

You need not wait to make any of this possible for you.

No ducks, stars or settling of dust required.

In fact, no resources other than the ones you already hold inside of you are needed nor would the addition of anything external make even the slightest bit of difference.

The truth is, you don’t need anything more than you have right now to experience yourself as the truly amazing person that you really are.

You don’t need to be any MORE than you are right now to experience your magic and magnificence. But if you’re ever going to REALLY believe that, you’re going to have to be ALL that you are.

We each have the ability to fall in love EVERY time we open our eyes yet most of us never to because we spend our lives waiting on ducks, stars and dust.

But what if just… stopped waiting?

What if you just started BEING who you always hoped, wished, fantasised and dreamed you’d be and simply started DOING what that magnificent version of you would do?

What if you fell in love every time you opened up your eyes…

…because you FINALLY saw yourself As You Really Are?

I wish this for you.

And so I’ll write, speak and live these words as best I know how in order to keep reminding, because I too want to know myself beautiful, powerful, impactful, respected, loved and loving.


And see!

Truth, joy and love



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