On ‘Just Being You’…

[On ‘Just Being You’…]


“Just be you!”

“Be more authentic!”

“You ARE good enough!”

It all SOUNDS like really good advice and like it’s something we SHOULD be doing and that COULD help us but…

…it’s also the kind of advice that probably has more people pulling their hair out and possibly even experiencing MORE doubt in their lives too, because of the bit of the formula that most people struggling to be ok with themselves aren’t being taught…


“How do I ‘just’ be me when I’m not happy with the me that I already am??”

“How do I show up authentically when I don’t really know who the authentic me is??”

“How can I EVER believe that I’m, ‘good enough’ when everything about me tells me I’m not???”

It’s one thing for well-meaning people like me to say the words that we believe are true, but quite another to have them land on the hearts and minds of others in a way that’s anything more than a platitude or cliche, isn’t it?

So HERE’S an idea.

No, in fact, it’s not an idea at all… it’s an INVITATION!

An invitation to learn HOW to be yourself, HOW to show up authentically and HOW to experience yourself as someone who is good enough in ways that maybe you’ve forgotten or, perhaps, never learned in the first place.

I say it’s an invitation because, like all invitations, you have the right to decline, to say “Thanks but no thanks“, “This isn’t for me” or even “Nope, I’m washing my hair tonight“.

Its all good. You ARE a grown up after all and making decisions for yourself is a part of being ‘the boss of you’.

So there’s no pressure but there IS an invitation.

The invitation comes in 3 parts to be carried out in ANY order you like over the next 3 days.

And it takes the form of just THREE simple questions:

1. Ask yourself “What do I believe about…?” for every area of your life from money to relationships to religion to sex to… you name it, and go LIVE even just ONE of those beliefs… even if just for one day.

2. Ask yourself “What is MOST important to me about how I show up in the world to myself and others?” and use that/those values as a compass to guide how you show up in life… even if just for one day.

3. Ask yourself “What impact do I MOST want to leave on the world as a sign that I was here, that I mattered, that I made a difference?” and use your answer to make even one teeny-tiny step to making that happen… even if for just one day.

That’s it.

One invitation.

Three questions.

Three days.

Ultimately, you’re being invited to ‘try on’ being a version of yourself that you currently THINK you MIGHT like to be as you go through the days of your life.

You’re seeing how it feels and how it fits to be THAT version of you based on how you answer the 3 questions.

And you get to choose whether to accept or decline any or all of them.

But if you decline them, I invite you to answer two more questions:

1. “Given that I WANT to live my life authentically and experience myself as being good enough, what do I GAIN by declining the invitations above?

2. “Given that I WANT to live my life authentically and experience myself as being good enough, what do I LOSE by declining the invitations above?

See how it works?

Nothing tricky or complicated, just you, a few questions and your willingness to give your best and most honest answers.

You CAN do that, right?

Whether you WILL or not is up to you, but you CAN, I’m certain.

So… you’re now officially invited to learn HOW to ‘Be You’.

Do you accept?

Truth, joy and love




Dax Moy

P.S – The truth is, this is how we’re each showing up in the world ANYWAY.

The only difference is that many of us are living the beliefs, the values and the purpose that OTHERS have TOLD us we’re SUPPOSED to live and feeling lost, struggling and unhappy as a result while the rare few are accepting the invitation to define, refine and align with what THEY feel is most important to their lives.

Which group are YOU in?

Which group do you WANT to be in?

You’re invited either way 😉


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