It starts (and ends) with you…

We all say we’re seeking compassion, kindness, happiness, joy, light and love and laughter but few seem to realise that these are our natural conditions ALREADY.

You’re not lacking compassion and kindness because you haven’t ‘found it’ yet, you’re lacking it because you stopped being compassionate and kind to yourself.

You’re not lacking happiness and joy because they’re hidden from you somehow.

You’re lacking them because you CREATE unhappiness by being mean to yourself.

You’re not lacking love because someone else is failing to show it to you the way you want it. You’re lacking it because you yourself have stopped speaking words of love in your own ear.

And laughter?

Have you looked around you lately and seen how many funny, weird, absurd and downright hilarious things are going on?

Or have you looked only at the the things that seem wrong to you and complained “They ought to do something about that!”

When you realise that YOU are ‘they’, the laughter will return, I promise you.

It all starts with you.

It ALL starts with you.

So start with you… <3

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