It All Works

It ALL works.


Pretty much every approach to anything you can think of works.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s diet, exercise, building a business, practicing a religion or, in fact improving ANY area of your life.

The reality is, it ALL works.

There are people getting GREAT results on high carb while others are getting great results keeping the carbs low.

There are some creating amazing physiques, health and fitness on cardio while others are doing it on barbells or kettlebells or bodyweight resistance.

There are those who are making all the money they want by using high ticket models and those who are doing so by using low ticket pricing.

There are those who adore life as devout Christians while others feel the same about living as Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, Sikhs or any number of other world religions.

It ALL works.

Well… almost.

See, the reality of ‘making something work’ is that it’s not WHAT YOU DO that makes it successful but rather, it’s WHO YOU ARE while you’re doing it.

If you love ‘it’, you’ll approach it with a joy, eagerness, enthusiasm, optimism and love of it that will keep you doing it to the best of your ability in the long term meaning that your skill, ability and mastery of it will increase and THAT more than any other factor will determine your success.

But if you DON’T love it…

Well, you be watching the clock, counting the days, minutes, hours and seconds til it’s over, looking for ways to cut corners and take shortcuts, creating reasons and justifications for why HERE is not the right place and NOW is not the right time to take action and robbing yourself of skill, ability and mastery and, in doing so, rob yourself of the success you dream of.

Simply Put…

You will NEVER create the life you love by doing the things you loathe.

Yes, to achieve ANY goal you have to pay a price and YES that will undoubtedly require work and effort and overcoming challenges and struggles but that’s not the same as inviting in those things that steal your joy.

Even if you achieve many of your GOALS by doing so, who you had to be and what you had to do to get them will rob of of the joy and pleasure they SHOULD have brought you.
So I invite you to look at what YOU love and ask yourself how you can have MORE of that in your life right now with the goal of eventually doing ONLY that.

And while you’re on the lookout for THAT, keep an eye out for anything and everything that you loathe too.

And avoid it like the plague.

Because you won’t create the life you love doing the things you loathe.


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