I Do This Because I Love It…

I Do This Because I Love It…


She said “you just don’t get it do you? I do this because I love it. I’m not in this for the money!”

“Cool!” I replied “Then change all your prices on your website to zero and don’t charge for them ever again”

“That’s ridiculous!” She cried “we’ve all gotta live!”

“True” came my response “and what’s better, to live well or to live with struggle, stress and strain caused by financial uncertainty?”

To live well, of course” she responded.

“And do people feel safer in the hands of those who have succeeded after having struggled or in the hands of those whose struggles are still bruising and battering them to pieces?” I quested.

“With those who have succeeded” she said and comprehension finally dawned across her face.

“When you can see that abandoning your struggles is not the same as abandoning those who struggle you’ll also see that by demonstrating success you give hope to those who wish to succeed” I replied “and giving people the hope and faith that some better exists for them is the HIGHEST form of service you can provide another living soul.”

I don’t know if she finally ‘got it’ but I hope so.

The world needs more success stories.

Why not add YOURS to the list?

Truth, joy and love





P.S – Personally, I don’t believe in any form or variant of success that doesn’t include freedom.

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