How To Succeed Beyond Your Wildest Dreams, Set Yourself Free and Be Happy

[How To Succeed Beyond Your Wildest Dreams, Set Yourself Free and Be Happy]

Sounds good right?

I mean, who doesn’t want THAT?

I know I certainly do!

And I know EXACTLY how to achieve all of it too… seriously!

(And largely because when I see myself feeling unsuccessful, restricted and unhappy, I observe that I’m doing the opposite of what I’m about to share)

Want to know the answer?

It lies in a mantra.

Nah, keep reading, this isn’t bullshit.

It’s THE most powerful mantra you’ve ever heard, read or come across and it’ll start working for you IMMEDIATELY.

Got your attention?

Here’s the mantra…

When I’m happy…

…it’s on me.

When I’m sad…

…it’s on me.

When I’m successful…

…it’s on me.

When I’m UNsuccessful…

…it’s on me.

When I’m winning…

…it’s on me.

When I’m losing…

…it’s on me.

If I live feeling free…

……it’s on me.

If I live feeling restricted…

…it’s on me.

When I feel peace…

…it’s on me.

When I feel anger…

…it’s on me.

How I live…

…it’s on me.

How I die…

…it’s on me.

By ‘on me’ I don’t mean to suggest you should blame, shame and lay guilt on yourself in any way. There’s no ‘fault’ being apportioned and no finger pointing being advocated here.

And certainly not at yourself!

I’m simply reminding you that no-one is ‘doing life to you’ but that rather, YOU are living your life, YOU are creating your choices and YOU are deciding how to respond to the things that life is placing before you.

So yes, it’s on you.

There are no knights in shining armour coming to rescue you.

You CAN’T have anything you WANT.

That’s not how life works.

But, with very few exceptions you CAN have what you choose and THAT is 100% on you.

And, you know, I don’t even expect you to believe this is true.

In fact, I urge you NOT to believe it.

But I DO invite you to TRY the ‘it’s on me’ philosophy in your life for the next 30 days… or 7… or even just 1.

I invite you to make your mind up for yourself based upon your EXPERIENCE of using the mantra.

Let’s face it, what have you got to lose?

Except feeling unsuccessful, restricted and unhappy? 🙂

You’re invited.

Do you accept? 🙂

Truth, joy and love

P.S — I STILL forget this and even recently got really angry and upset at the painters who were showing up late at my home, making a mess and screwing up the job I was paying them really well to do because to me at the time I said it was all on THEM.

And the more it was on them the more vexed and angry and upset I got.

Until I put it back on ME… and made a choice to let them go.

“It’s on me, it’s on me, it’s on me”

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