Get Back To Who You Really Are

If you compromise a value because things didn’t turn out the way you hoped or wanted then it was never truly a defined, refined and aligned value in the first place.

It was a vague, trite, cliche’d platitude.

If you say you value freedom of choice but resent those whose choices are different to yours then the value was never truly freedom, it was control.

If you say you value love and yet you speak harshly of and judge those who accept, connect and care to ideologies that are different to your own then the value was never truly love, it was righteousness.

If you say you value peace and yet you speak angrily of those who demonstrate their beliefs differently to you then the value was never peace, it was compliance.

None of this makes you, I or anyone else a bad person.

It just makes us misaligned.

And it’s the misalignment that causes all the problems. It’s the misalignment that brings all the mixed feelings, the confusion and the conflict.

It’s so easy to look ‘out there’ at what ‘they’ should have done, for sure. We ALL do it, but, you know, it’s far more powerful, productive and peace inspiring to look within and ask ourselves where WE are misaligned with who we most want to experience ourselves as being.

The biggest pain any of us will ever feel is the sense of loss we feel when we lose sight or Who We Really Are so why not start there?

Why not get back to Who You Really Are and watch all that stress and fear just…


Truth, joy and love


P.S – truth is, the only thing you’ve EVER really had any say over in life is the decision over who YOU will be while the world does its thing around you.

Start there!

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