4 POWERFUL Questions That Lead To The Results You REALLY Want

[4 POWERFUL Questions That Lead To The Results You REALLY Want]

The truth WILL set you free.

Especially when you use it strategically and ask the right questions.

And one of the very best is…

“Is the way I’m going about this REALLY working?”

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a diet, a relationship, a business concept, marketing, sales or… anything!

The question is powerful REGARDLESS of where you apply it.

But only if you answer it truthfully.

Because if you do it’ll lead you to yet ANOTHER powerful question…

“Do I believe the way I’m approaching this will EVER work?”

Whether you answer yes or no, the question is STILL very powerful because it invites you yet another.

If yes “Would I like it to work faster?”

If no “What do I intend to DO about that?”

See how it works?

It’s super-simple yet most people don’t (or WON’T!) ask these 4 questions.

Instead, they lie to themselves by sticking with an approach that they KNOW isn’t working for them, that they don’t believe will EVER work or that they would really love to work faster than they’re experiencing.

So they stick with diet plans that don’t work, relationships that don’t work, business plans and marketing strategies that don’t work and all the while live with the stress, the strain and struggles caused by the STORY that they’re ‘doing their best’ when, in fact, they’re not.

Not because they’re lazy, weak-willed, self-sabotaging or any of that other stuff that so many people seem to relish accusing others of (until they hit their own obstacles and struggles) but because they’re trying to base their strategy for success on something that can only ever lead to failure.

But because they’re simply not telling themselves the truth.

Don’t make that mistake.

Use the four questions as a framework against ANY struggle or challenge you’re currently facing and if you draw a blank against the fourth question (What do I intend to do about that?) then THAT, my friends, is the place to start with getting help and gaining clarity.

Do that and your life WILL change and the transformation that’s been eluding you will suddenly seem much closer and much clearer than it has in a very long time.
Because the truth WILL set you free.

It always does.





P.S – I’ve seen clients COMPLETELY transform their lives as a result of answering these four questions honestly.

You ready to transform YOURS?

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