[Another Excerpt From My New Book ‘The Gift’]

[Another Excerpt From My New Book ‘The Gift’]


When shit happens there really is only one response that makes sense when viewed from the perspective of your highest self.

“Ok, so now what??”

Sure, take some time to register the feelings generated by ‘shit happening’, connect with it, allow it to brush up against Who You Really Are.

Acknowledge the pain, the anger, the fear, the resentment and let it introduce itself to you and then, just like meeting a casual acquaintance for the first time, shake hands with it, thank it for telling you that something important just happened in your life then bid it safe travels by asking…

“Ok, so now what??”

When you think about it, this is really just a rephrasing of
‘who do I choose to BE in this situation’, right?

“So now what?” doesn’t ask you to bury your feelings, doesn’t pretend they don’t exist or that the shit DIDN’T happen.

It did.

It was horrible.

It hurt you.

So no amount of softly-softly, happy-clappy, new age bullshit from the ‘think positive thoughts’ books and tapes you own will change that. Denying it happened simply perpetuates the games of victims and villains we all play and robs you of the power to Be Who You Really Are.

“So now what??” puts the power back in your hands and changes…



The Gift releases on Jan 1st

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