[Excerpt From My New Book ‘The Gift’]

[Excerpt From My New Book ‘The Gift’]


**Normal Vs Natural****

One of the major reasons why people never get around to claiming The Gift is that they have accepted the social hypnosis of what it means to be ‘normal’ and instead of going through life as the highest expression of who they really are, they cling desperately to the idea of fitting in.

This is simply not natural.

As in, nature doesn’t create things to make them fit in.


Blades of grass, leaves on trees, snowflakes, grains of sand on the beach all come under the labels we’ve given them (grass/leaves/snow/sand) but their general name is the only true commonality they share and only intended to make communication about them easier, not to suggest that they are identical.

They’re each as individual as individual can be.

No two alike.

And not meant to be either.

This is nature at work and it’s beautiful because this is what Life intended.

Normal is something different entirely.

Normal is when the label becomes the definition, the definition becomes the rule and that anything and everything that contradicts or conflicts with that rule is deemed flawed, imperfect or wrong.

Normal is birthplace of judgement.

It’s the accusation that “YOU ARE NOT ENOUGH!!’ being shouted by a sick and sad portion of society that can only ever feel enough when they persuade others to accept THEIR definitions and labels.

If ‘normal’ were truly all it were cracked up to be, why do so many of us work so hard to get to normal? Surely, normal would be the easiest thing in the world to attain?

But it’s not is it?

Most people go through their entire lives trying to fit in with the cultural and societal definition of normal only to find that they always arrive just that little too late. Someone’s shifted the goalposts again and your current normal is ‘so last season!’.

“Go to the back of the line!”.

“Start again!”

“Maybe one day you’ll be normal but today’s not that day”

‘Natural’ would never say that to you.

Nature can’t wait to meet the real, genuine, authentic you.

The part of you that shares your heart openly and freely, dresses weird, has an amazing ‘geek laugh’ and snorts milk through your nose when you hear something funny.

Nature would never, ever dream of telling you you’re not enough.

Not because it’s too polite or doesn’t want to hurt your feelings (your feelings are natural too, and you hurt sometimes, right?) but because it simply doesn’t share those beliefs about you.

Nature would say to you “At last! I’m so glad you’ve shown up, I’ve been waiting ages for you! But wow, look at you, you’re beautiful.

Now, let’s have some fun!”

Nature would ALWAYS whisper in your ear “You are MORE than enough. I love you. Always have and always will.”

Why would you choose normal over natural?

Because you refuse to open the box…


‘The Gift’ is coming!

January 1st

Watch this space 🙂

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