Excellence vs Perfection


It comes from the Latin meaning; to surpass, to go beyond and, quite literally relates to the idea of growth and evolution.

If you got to step 2 yesterday and you’re at step 3 today then, by very literal definition, you’re excellent.

If you read even ONE page of that book you’ve been meaning to finish then you’re excellent.

If you did ONE set of push-ups or squats (or even ONE pushup or squat for the first time in a long time) then, by definition, you’re excellent.

Perfect, on the other hand, comes from the Latin ‘per facare’ and means ‘to complete or to finish’.

Trouble is, NOTHING is EVER completely finished and so by definition, nothing can be perfect either.

Doesn’t stop people from trying though.

And in trying to be perfect, it does a damned good job of stopping people from EVER feeling that what they’ve created is ‘ready’ (whatever that means) and so the world never gets to see, hear, feel and experience the awesome gifts that COULD have been as a result of YOUR awesomeness.

Worse, focusing on perfection often means that you don’t even START so many of your greatest works, let alone finish them.

Perfection is the dream killer, heart-ripper and soul destroyer.

It keeps amazing people living in a constant state of believing that what they’re creating isn’t good enough and, by extension, that they too are not good enough either.

But with excellence, everybody wins.

Because with excellence all you have to do is show up and go just that teeny-tiny bit further than you went before and you’re seeing, hearing, feeling and experiencing YOURSELF as excellent.

Ditch perfection.

Perfection is for losers… literally.

With perfection as the backdrop to your life, EVERYBODY loses.

But with excellence, EVERYBODY wins.

Play to win.

Be excellent.

Truth, joy and love


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