[Dax’s 100 TED Talks #6 – Sarah Kay: If I should have a daughter …]

[Dax’s 100 TED Talks #6 – Sarah Kay: If I should have a daughter …]


As part of my MAGIC Hundred education and growth goals I’m watching 100 TED talks by December 31st as a means to expose myself to new ideas and perspectives and expand my thinking.

Confession; this isn’t my first time watching this amazing TED talk by Sarah. It’s not my 10th or 20th or even 40th either. I’ve probably watched this 50 or 60 times over the last few years.


Because it moves me, evokes emotion and exudes courage, compassion love and connecting with the magic that resides within all of us.

All of which are qualities that I value beyond all others.

Kay uses her passion and purpose around spoken word poetry to champion the idea that we ALL have stories and experiences that others can learn from and that the world is made a far better place when we share them… no matter HOW we share.

As a poet and philosopher myself, this talk resonates so deeply with me that EVERY time I watch it, it touches my heart and brings tears to my eyes (Yes, I actually cry from the beauty of both the message and the delivery EVERY time).

Or maybe it has nothing to do with being a poet and EVERYTHING to do with being a human.

I’ll let you decide for yourself.


Dax Moy


P.S – What thoughts or feelings did the presentation evoke in YOU?

What will you DO as a result of having watched it?

(Remember, information itself is not powerful, it’s what we DO with it that makes a difference)

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