[Dax’s 100 TED Talks #22 – Camille Seaman: Haunting photos of polar ice]

[Dax’s 100 TED Talks #22 – Camille Seaman: Haunting photos of polar ice]


As part of my MAGIC Hundred education and growth goals I’m watching 100 TED talks by December 31st as a means to expose myself to new ideas and perspectives and expand my thinking.

Today I watched this very short but interesting presentation by Camille Seaman where she was speaking of her experiences as a photographer in the Arctic and her fascination with the beauty of icebergs.

I found her interpretation of what she sees in ‘the iceberg experience’ beautiful but what struck me most was the simple observation that these 200ft mountains of ice were made by the simple act of laying one snowflake on top of another.

Make me reflect that this is pretty much how ANY great feat or goal is achieved. One small step or action followed by another, followed by another, followed by another.

Some great photography in this presentation but, for me, the reminder of how it’s the small things that create the great is invaluable.


Dax Moy


P.S – What thoughts or feelings did the presentation evoke in YOU?

What will you DO as a result of having watched it?

(Remember, information itself is not powerful, it’s what we DO with it that makes a difference)

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