[Dax’s 100 TED Talks #16 – Maysoon Zayid: I got 99 problems … palsy is just one]

[Dax’s 100 TED Talks #16 – Maysoon Zayid: I got 99 problems … palsy is just one]


As part of my MAGIC Hundred education and growth goals I’m watching 100 TED talks by December 31st as a means to expose myself to new ideas and perspectives and expand my thinking.

Today I watched this incredibly funny yet powerful and deep presentation by Maysoon Zayid sharing her life-experience with cerebral palsy.

What’s so powerful about the presentation is that instead of Zayid being bitter and twisted about opportunities that were kept from her in life, she’s joyous, celebratory and grateful for the journey she’s been on.

I love the humour of the talk (something we can ALL learn from) but especially love how Zayid simply refused to let her disability keep her from creating stories that robbed her life of experience, success and richness.

This is WELL worth a watch!



P.S – What thoughts or feelings did the presentation evoke in YOU?

What will you DO as a result of having watched it?

(Remember, information itself is not powerful, it’s what we DO with it that makes a difference)


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