[Dax’s 100 TED Talks #12 – Brené Brown: The power of vulnerability]

[Dax’s 100 TED Talks #12 – Brené Brown: The power of vulnerability]


As part of my MAGIC Hundred education and growth goals I’m watching 100 TED talks by December 31st as a means to expose myself to new ideas and perspectives and expand my thinking.

Confession; this isn’t my first time watching this awesome presentation by the wonderfully brilliant and funny Brené Brown. Truth be told, I’ve watched this talk about 15 or so times and EVERY time I watch it I’m reminded of why ILOVE the ‘work’ that I do and why I’m so amazingly fortunate to be invited into the lives of so many people from so many parts of the world going through so many challenges and struggles.

Brené’s talk on the importance of vulnerability and role it plays in our lives is truly valuable not only to coaches but to ANYONE who faces challenges related to perfection, worthiness and shame and who is serious about learning how to overcome them and live a fuller, deeper and more meaningful existence.

What’s so great about this presentation is that Brown delivers it with humour, open-heartedness and plenty of self-deprecation making what, for many, would be a hard topic to face into a pleasurable and enjoyable exploration into what’s keeping them from living lives of courage, connection, compassion and happiness.

I can’t recommend this talk enough.

I think you’ll like this one 🙂

Truth, joy and love

Dax Moy


P.S – What thoughts or feelings did the presentation evoke in YOU?

What will you DO as a result of having watched it?

(Remember, information itself is not powerful, it’s what we DO with it that makes a difference)

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