Coaching With Me

Should You Work With Me?

It's Hard To Say...

Coaching With Me Is Not For The Faint-Hearted


Nor is it for those who are not 100% serious and committed to their success and happiness (however they define those words in their lives).

I WILL challenge you.

I WILL confront you where necessary.

I WILL take on the role of the greatest advocate for success and happiness in your life and call you on every thought, word and action that moves you in any direction other than that destination.

I WILL help you to create the clarity, focus, direction and strategy that will deliver the success and happiness you most want to achieve.

I WILL ask you to reach, stretch and take the actions that will lead to your growth in the direction of the greatest version of the grandest vision you hold of  what your life could become.


As Your Coach, I’ll Do Anything and Everything Required To Help You To Overcome The Struggles and Obstacles That Are Keeping You From Having Your Life EXACTLY How You Want It To Be


But Here’s What I WON’T Do…


I WON’T pretend not to notice when you to lie to yourself or believe something that does not serve you and your commitment to a better life.

I WON’T stand by and watch you play the small game that keeps you thinking, speaking and acting small… and getting small results as a consequence.

I WON’T ignore your goals and dreams… even when you DO!


I don’t mean I’m a Mr Nasty.

Far from it, I’m a friendly guy.

My coaching style is, for the most part, very relaxed, very informal, very chilled out.

If you come to work with me, I want you to have a relaxed, enjoyable and productive coaching experience because that’s where MOST of the magic and miracles that come from coaching are created.


But not all.

Sometimes magic is waiting on the other side of a challenge.

Sometimes the miracle can only be reached as the result of a confrontation.

And at those times it’s important to remember that as friendly as I can be and as nice as I can seem, I’m clear that I’m not in your life as your friend or someone whose role it is to please you.

I’m here help you to get to where you most want to go… and you’re PAYING me for that help.

And I take that investment and trust in me seriously.


Do You?