COACH?? Hell No, Not Me!!

COACH?? Hell No, Not Me!!

Imagine walking into a supermarket and everything was just in white bags or boxes and you had to figure out what was in each… waste of time and makes no sense.

It would KILL sales too, don’t you think?

So if you’re coach (a term that many people are coming to understand as ‘someone who helps you achieve something you’re struggling with’) and you tell people you’re a coach (‘I help people who are struggling with some stuff to get un-struggly’) don’t you think that’s better than NOT having a name and some common ground for starting a conversation from?

I don’t know why but I seem to be seeing so many people twisting their noses out of joint these days because they feel that they are ‘too good’ or ‘too different’ to use the word ‘coach’ for what they do and yet, the weird paradox is that by not having a label that those that are struggling can understand, they leave themselves undefined and unattractive to them.

Strange, when you think about it, because what a coach represents MOST in the lives of their clients is a beacon of certainty and yet their own lack of clarity, their own inability to define themselves authentically and uniquely and their own inability to rid themselves of the stigma they clearly feel at the use of the word ‘coach’ broadcasts loud and clear to prospects that the certainty they most want and need isn’t present.

Look, you are not your label, for sure, but sometimes labels ARE useful, no?

Would you rather walk in and out of random buildings on your high street hoping to find a shoe store or would you rather a shoe store say what it is from the outside?

Would you rather frantically knock on the door of every large building looking for a doctor to treat your injury or would you rather the word ‘Hospital’ appear in 3ft illuminated letters?

Would you rather clients who are struggling with an area of their life that you knowledgeable, qualified and experienced to work with come looking for a coach or randomly search the internet for ‘someone to help me get through a struggle’?

Here’s the truth… or at least, the way I see it.

All that stigma, doubt, concern or ‘ick’ you have around being called a coach is simply a definition issue that is YOUR responsibility to address.

And the corollary to that is that if you don’t, you’re demonstrating to your clients and prospects that you yourself can’t move past labels and definitions too well… you know, the very things that are keeping them stuck and struggling.

So embrace the label!

Wear it with pride, with style, with some panache.

You can always say “Well, most people would call what I do ‘coaching’ but here’s how my approach is a little different…”

And, of course, you can also ignore this observation altogether and look for another cooler sounding name.

But why would you want to?

Doctors start with ‘doctor’ and then use that label as a point of reference to guide people into conversations about their speciality.

Seems to work ok for them.

And for plumbers. Builders. Accountants. Bakers. Hairdressers.

Jussayin’ 🙂





P.S – Stop making things harder for yourself and, as obvious and inane as it sounds, it’ll start to get MUCH easier for you.

Yeah… 🙂

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