Be Strong

[Be strong!]


But while you’re being strong,
be careful not to become hard
or rigid or brittle.

For hardness brings no comfort to anyone,
rigidity makes people fear being controlled
and brittleness has everyone on edge
waiting for the moment when the inevitable
SNAP! will take place.

Remember that strength is resilience.
The ability to bend under pressure but
resume your shape after the pressure
has gone.

Remember that strength is influence.

The ability to create motion in a new direction
without the need to force anyone or persuade
anyone of anything.

Remember that strength is vulnerability.

The ability to display doubt, fear and ‘weakness’
and be ok with “I don’t know” because you
understand that “I don’t know” means something
VERY different to “I am less”.

And above all…

Remember that strength is comfort,
both to those who possess it AND to
those who are most in need of its
support and that hardness, rigidity and
brittleness are NEVER comfortable.

So be strong.

It’s how you were made.

It’s how we ALL were made.

We just forget sometimes.

Truth, joy and love





P.S – I took this photo of my necklace in my favourite place on Earth x

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