“Aude Aliquid Dignum”

“Aude Aliquid Dignum”

It means ‘dare something worthy’.

A good invitation to live your life by by don’t you think?

A great one, in fact.

Imagine if you actually accepted.

Imagine if you dared that thing that’s MOST worthy of your time, effort, energy, passion, purpose and personal power.

Imagine if you went ‘all in’ for that thing that calls you in your dreams in the night, that tugs at your heart during the day and that whispers to your soul ALL the time…

…imagine if YOU dared what’s most worthy YOU starting today.


Yeah, wow!

Truth, joy and love


Oh, you just got that ‘Yeah but…’ thing rush through your brain, right?

That’s PROBABLY because you’re confusing ‘daring something worthy’ with doing something BIG, yes?

And when you even CONTEMPLATE acting big it terrifies you and freezes you into inaction, right?

So try this instead…

…dream BIG, as in really flipping HUGE…

…but act small.

And then act small again.

And again.

And again.

And KEEP ON acting small for as long as your ‘courage muscles’ take to strengthen and develop and THEN start to act bigger.

Because in daring something worthy it’s NOT the grandiose ‘one-in-a-while’ actions that win the day, but your commitment to the day-in-day-out nurturing of your dreams that matter most.

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