Are You Stepping

…Are You Stepping? 


What You Need To Know About The NEXT Step Is Contained In The LAST Step.

That’s how a baby learns, right?

They try to stand and they fail.

They try again, get a little further… and they fall.

They try over and over and over again, each time learning a little more about how wide to place their feet, how to distribute their weight, where to direct their vision and so piece-by-piece the ‘puzzle’ of first standing, then walking, then running and jumping and climbing and all that other good stuff that kids love to do becomes possible.

What they DIDN’T do was WAIT for the PERFECT action to become possible.

And that’s because perfection of action is irrelevant.

Because whatever is necessary to the taking of the NEXT step is contained in the last step.

You’ll see it if you look.

Are you looking?

Even more important…

…are you stepping?

Dax Moy

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