Are YOU Brilliant? I KNOW I Am!


Are YOU Brilliant? I KNOW I Am!


***Just a little mad rambling to address something I’ve been thinking about in terms of how so many of us are uncomfortable either ‘blowing our own trumpets’ or upset, irritated or offended at hearing others blow theirs.

We’re ALL brilliant.

I certainly am and I believe that you are too***

If I think I’m brilliant,
it doesn’t mean I think you’re not,

I’m just expressing gratitude,
for being given what I’ve got.

If I think I’m awesome,
that I’m important to the world,

It doesn’t mean there isn’t space
for YOUR awesomeness to unfurl.

If I think I’m beautiful,
in heart and mind and soul,

It doesn’t mean YOUR beauty
is any less for ME to behold.

There isn’t a rule I know of,
that says if I get then YOU can’t

Some order passed down from on high
saying ‘he shall and YOU shan’t’

MY brilliance doesn’t make YOU dark,
nor MY awesomeness make YOU small,

MY beauty doesn’t make YOU plain,
MY intelligence make YOU the fool

We’re each of us a radiant soul
who’s powerful beyond measure

There’s no need for envious or bitter thoughts
within each of us lies the same Treasure.

Own your brilliance, your beauty and your awesomeness, my friends.

Stop playing small.

There’s no ‘little old me’ about you.

There’s just you.

And you ARE brilliant… if you say you are.

Truth, joy and love

Dax Moy

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