Are YOU A Perverse Time Traveller?

Are YOU A Perverse Time Traveller?

Most of the pain we experience in our lives comes from trying to live ‘out of time’ like some perverse time traveller, never content in the now but either going back to the past to look at what HAPPENED even though doing so only brings sadness, regret, guilt or shame or looking into the future to try and figure out what WILL HAPPEN even though it only brings doubt, anxiety and fear.

It’s such a shame to live this way, a weird mix of grieving for what has been and fearing for what will come to pass when right here, right now in this very moment lives the seed of miracle and wonder that can make life seem like the gift it truly is.

Right here, right now you can make the decision to start anew.

Right here, right now you can choose a new direction, a new path, a new reason to live, to love, to laugh.

Right here, right now you can simply BE the you that you always wanted to be yet never got around to.

You can BE kind, BE compassionate, BE strong, BE gentle, BE assertive, BE courageous, BE beautiful, BE loving and yes, you can BE happy too.

But only right here.

Only right now.

The past is gone and what happened, happened and is no longer within your ability to change.

The future is out of your reach too.

But right here, right now EVERYTHING you want to BE, you can BE.

So BE right here, right now and let the pain just…

…fade away. <3

Truth, joy and love



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