About fear and courage…

Fear doesn’t really exist in the way you think it does.

What most of us experience is not fear.

That lives in the reptilian part of the brain and is designed to keep us alive through the fight or flight mechanisms that make our hearts beat faster, our eyesight sharper, our reactions quicker and our strength increase.

If you’re going to be chased by a sabretooth tiger or slip near a cliff’s edge, these are all powerful and useful stimuli, so fear is our friend.

Yet what most people suffer from is not fear.

Hardly anyone truly believes they are going to die from slipping off their diet, losing their job or going through a break up, right? 🙂

So, what we experience (and LOTS of it!) is anxiety.

Anxiety is a story of “What if X happens?” and that story is usually a negative outcome.

We all do it. Myself included.

We all create these ‘killer stories’. We all create these anxieties. And so we live with their burden… and it’s a bloody heavy one.

So how do you put down the anxiety?

Through courage!

Courage isn’t about rushing enemy machine gun nests or pulling people out of burning buildings.

It’s about something far, far simpler.

And harder 🙂

‘Courage’ comes from the latin ‘Cour’ meaning heart.

You exhibit courage when you speak from your heart, when you tell your truth first to yourself and later to others.

This truth/courage combination is what kills the anxiety that we tend to call fear surer than any other method you will ever discover.

Every holy scripture in every religion has a version of the saying “The truth shall set you free”. Funny then, that so many of us put off the telling of our truths even to ourselves.

Or maybe NOT so funny, given that it’s this avoidance that keeps us in pain, in the dark and burdened.

So stop the silence!

You don’t have to tell everyone else your truth just yet, but do, Do, DO start telling YOU.

Speak to yourself from your heart my friends.

The truth WILL set you free.

You’ll see!

Truth, joy and love

Dax Moy

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