A Heartfelt Message To All Experts, Leaders, Visionaries and Gurus

A Heartfelt Message To All Experts, Leaders, Visionaries and Gurus

I see so many posts lately either full of sarcasm, hypocrisy or combativeness from people who in so many ways are so awesome, contribute so much and have already been so successful that they don't even need to play the 'lower level' social media games any more.

Makes me a little sad to see people with such genuine and authentic credibility and influence in the various markets, arenas and niches that they serve pointing fingers at anyone not doing things their way.

Sad for the amazing markets they serve who are going to go on to think that sarcasm and derision is a normal part of leadership.

Sad for the amazing messages that each of these experts, leaders, visionaries and Guru's are weakening every time they focus more on what others AREN'T doing rather than what THEY are.

And sad for the leaders themselves who, despite their posturing must be terribly fearful of... Something, in order to spend so much of their time figuring out how to fashion attacks on others who are simply doing the best with what they know at this moment in time.

I can only imagine that to be in the situation where you've had so much success but feel the need to publicly piss-take, deride and finger point is a result of simply forgetting how awesome you already are, how amazingly influential you already are, how impactful you already are and how many amazing results you've already attained.

(Note (because written messages in social media don't always translate well): I don't say that facetiously or sarcastically, I mean it genuinely)

If you're one of these amazing and fortunate (not lucky by any means because you've worked damned hard to get to where you are, I know) I'd love to see you USE that awesomeness, influence and impact to show the amateurs and the up-and-comers in the industries you serve how to play the game for real.

And play it with class.

Because the next round of industry leaders, experts and Gurus are learning how to lead from you.

What will your legacy be as the steward for the industry, market or niche you currently serve?

Will your stewardship be marked by energy, enthusiasm, enjoyment and enlightenment or will those who follow after you demonstrate enviousness and ego as their driving traits as a result of how you modelled leadership and success to them?

I've never met a true leader who didn't care about leaving a legacy.

I hope this message written with care, respect and love for those of us fortunate enough to be in positions of incredible influence and impact reminds those who've forgotten, that they have far more important work to do than to get caught up playing small.

Truth, joy and love


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